Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shiver by Maggie S. Review

"For Grace, one yellow-eyed wolf is a chilling presence in the woods behind her house. During winter, Sam lives in the frozen woods and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, he lives a few precious months as a human. Soon, Grace and Sam find themselves risking everything to remain together."

5/5 STARS! I absolutely LOVE this book. It does get kinda slow during some parts, but there's a love scene that makes up for If you're team Jacob (I'm not) you might LOVE this book also. The writing was great, the plot was great, the characters were well developed, and it left you wanting I will DEFINITELY be reading LINGER (more at the bottom!).

Shiver has two narrators, Sam and Grace.

Grace was a little girl who got attacked by wolves, or so she thought they were just wolves, outside on the tire swing. Since then she has watched the wolves every winter and can't seem to figure out why they disappear in the summer.

Sam watches Grace from the shadows of the forest during the cold winter, but in the summer he can be close to her, even if she doesn't know who he is.

For six years they watch each other from a far, until one day Grace comes home and there is a man whose been shot on her porch. It doesn't take her long to realize that this is "her" wolf. Sam explains himself in the hospital, & since werewolves heal faster they have to leave before anyone notices. The months are getting colder, and Sam feels this is his last year that he will become human. Grace and Sam spend the summer together, and try to find a cure....but there is a teenager that Grace knows, that also got attacked by the wolf. He however did turn into a wolf.

Sam and Grace face many trials to be together, so do they end up together?? Read the book and find out!

The second book in the series is called LINGER. It's due out July 20,2010! I can not wait!

(I'm sorry for the terrible picture, it was the only one I could find :().

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