Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Need by Carrie Jones

OK, first let me say WOW!!!

I am officially in LOVE with this series. I have the second one on hold from the library, so I can't wait to read it!

The book starts off with a girl named Zara White, who is sent to live with her grandmother in Maine from Charleston, SC. She has fallen into a deep depression after seeing her father die after coming in from a morning run. She starts school immediately and meets this boy named Nick and instantly falls for him. She also meets a girl named Megan, who hates her for no reason. She also meets the town "over-achiever" Ian, who is also interested in her.

A few days before Zara moves to Maine, a boy went missing, without a trace. The cops have no clue where he went and Zara is scared; because there is a man that has been following her since she left Charleston. Her father taught her that if she can name a fear she can overcome it, so she has memorized almost all phobias, and when she is scared she repeats them out loud.

Along the way she manages to make two friends (other than Nick), Issie and Devyn.

Zara soon learns about a new world that she had no idea existed including; pixies, were-animals, and other things.

I can not say enough that I LOVED this book, it's right up there with Twilight, Abarat, and The Devouring! It's a MUST read. Definitely 5/5!

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