Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's been awhile...Marked

Yeah I know it's been a long while! I just (like 10 minutes ago) finished reading Marked by P.C & Kristin Cast. It was good (3.5/5).

I'll start with what happened:
The story is about a girl who gets marked by a Tracker to become a vampire, what that means is that you get marked usually with an outline of a crescent moon on your forehead, well this girl named Zoey Redbird gets marked at school and her mark is colored in. When this happens she goes straight home hopping that her mother will help her, however when she gets home her mother and step-father call the "People of Faith" to come pray for her. So Zoey sneaks out and goes to her grandmother's and on the way to find her she passes out and sees the Goddess Nyx. Her grandmother finds her and takes her to the House of Night, if she didn't go she would die. When she wakes up she meets her mentor Neferet, who also happens to be the High Priestess as the school, and she shows her around and to her dorm and she meets this girl named Aphrodite (who is mean). So she goes through trying to fit in especially since her Mark is colored in.
Zoey gets invited to become a Dark Daughters, when she goes to the first ceremony she taste blood for the first time and loves it! She ask for help from her new friends at school. She then has to plan to take Aphrodite down.

I liked the book but there could have been a lot of stuff left out of the book, such as the rituals that they do...I don't think that they needed to go into so much detail about it. Also they kind of got repetitive throughout the three that were preformed. I'll be reading the second one.

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